Spring has sprung in my part of the world! The snow is almost all gone and the daylilies are sprouting at the front of the house. This time of year always brings about a sense of renewal for me. Something like New Year’s, but with much more freshness and aliveness. What has died or hidden itself over the winter is emerging with a new sense of purpose. Birds, plants, even people!

Spring’s a time to breathe new energy into our lives. Sometimes that means letting go of what we don’t need or no longer serves us, or it can mean placing positive energy in places that we’ve been avoiding or disrespecting in our lives.

Whatever it is we need to do, the energy that spring brings allows us to do it. But what if you have resistance to this renewal, this season of change? As humans, we tend to run away from change. It’s an interesting concept really, considering that life is fluid and always changing.

I believe that having an open heart and mind is crucial to the renewal process. Keeping ourselves closed off to our feelings, people, or anything that frightens us, keeps us from finding this new growth in our lives.


All of these poses focus on the heart chakra. Chakras are simply energy centres in the body. The purpose of the heart chakra can include love, letting go of ego and separateness, and expansion.

Some of its properties include softness, openness, expansion, integration, and radiance.

If our heart chakra is deficient, we tend to have a fear of intimacy, we’re judgemental, and isolate ourselves from others. If our heart chakra is excessive, we can be codependent, and desperately needing love and attention. When the heart chakra energy is in balance, we radiate, are full of life, confident, and generous.

These 5 yoga poses are focused on the heart centre. They create a sense of openness and strength that will help in the process of finding new life during this season of change.

Practice these poses at least once a day, holding each pose for 5-10 deep breaths.

While practicing, visualize the changes you wish to see in your life. Focus on what you do want, rather than on what you don’t want and then make sure to take positive actions towards making these changes happen.

Caution: Some of these poses are backbends. Please be careful if you are nurturing a sensitive back.


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Crescent Lunge (1)


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