Chapped lips! They’re my nemesis. Well… at least one of them.

It seems every change of season, my lips and face like to play tricks on me.

Cracked lips are not very appealing, and worst yet, not very comfortable on our faces!

And what feels better? A soft juicy kiss or one that hits you with crackly scratchy flaky pieces?

Haha… enough said!

How does this fit into me being a yoga teacher and wellness coach? Easy…

I believe in using products on my skin and body that are healthy for me as much as possible. It’s true, I do still use some products that aren’t “up to par”, but for the most part, I do my best to use natural products to take care of myself and you should do.

The more we’re exposed to chemicals, the higher likelihood of being ill. Our skin sucks up just about anything we put into contact with it. Would you rather be soaking up products make out of fruit and veggies or ones primarily concocted with nasty chemicals?

In my “travels”, I’ve come to love a few products to keep me from having chapped lips and use a few tips and tricks to help the process along.

Here are my 5 tips to avoid chapped lips and leave them feeling soft and juicy despite the cold weather.

Brush Lips With a Soft Toothbrush

Do this when you brush your teeth with your regular soft toothbrush or use an entirely separate toothbrush if you don’t like the idea of using the same one. Gently scrub your lips with the toothbrush to remove any dead flaky skin. Be careful though. If your lips are chapped to the point of bleeding, this is not a good practice at this point.

Condition Lips

Every night when going to bed, put a lip conditioner on your lips. If you’re not wearing lipstick or lipgloss during the day, also condition during the day.

At the moment, my favourite lip conditioner is made by Beauty Counter and is their Peppermint lip conditioner. It’s glorious. (see a link at the end of this post for more info)

Drink Lots of Water

Water is the cure for many ailments and yet our society is chronically dehydrated. Make sure you get at least 8 glasses of water a day and notice a difference in your chapped lips and your overall wellbeing.

Invest in a Small Humidifier

The cold dry air of winter and the fact that the heat is running in your home all day long, creates a dry environment that isn’t conducive to soft lips. Invest in a small humidifier. Even something as simple as an essential oils diffuser could give enough humidity in your home to make a difference and add a beautiful aroma all at once.

Use a Conditioning Lipstick or Lipgloss

Lip stains and many chemical laden lipsticks will leave your lips feeling dry. Make sure to choose healthy products that are geared towards conditioning your lips. Thankfully, as the demand increases, more and more companies are creating healthy alternatives for our beauty products. 100% Pure is one of those companies that I adore. Make sure to check out the two lip options below for a balm and a lipstick.