Say “Goodbye!” to your fear of looking like a fool and sticking out like a sore thumb in a yoga class.

In my experience, most people are terrified of attending their first yoga class. They don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of an entire class of yogis.

The fact is, most people know the amazing benefits of yoga, but just can’t get past the thought of being the “newbie” or not being able to touch their own toes!

Chances are you’ve almost had the gumption to head to that beginner class but really couldn’t fit it into your crazy busy lifestyle.

Heck! Maybe you’ve even tried a “beginner yoga” class and ended up in there with a teacher that expected you to know all the moves like you were Fred Astaire or, more appropriately, B K S Iyengar (a really famous yoga dude).

How the heck are you supposed to enjoy all the benefits of yoga when you have no sweet clue where to start?

Most of my students wish they had more energy, patience, fewer aches, and an increased sense of wellbeing.

Have you ever wondered how you could

  • Be a confident yogi and attend a class without fear of embarrassment?
  • Feel energized and have that sense of “I’ve got this!” about your life?
  • Get rid of your aches and pains without harsh intense workouts?
  • Wake up daily, free from those pesky aches and pains that keep creeping up on you as you get older.

Imagine for a moment...

  • Flowing confidently through yoga class without constantly looking at your neighbor for guidance.
  • Feeling the energy and confidence boost you’ll have once you know all of the most commonly used yoga poses and had a chance to practice them in the privacy of your home.
  • Believing in yourself enough to finally attend that weekly yoga class you’ve been eying up and ultimately creating that sense of wellbeing you dream about daily.
  • Waking up daily, free from those pesky aches and pains that keep creeping up on you as you get older.

Yoga For Complete Beginners is a 21-day course teaching you what you need to know to attend a yoga class with confidence.

hero pose

After listening to countless yoga newbie stories and the reasons to not attend class, I realized that most of the “beginner” programs out there truly weren’t for the complete beginner.

I’m passionate about how yoga can positively impact people’s lives. This is why I created the Yoga for Complete Beginners program.

This isn’t your typical beginner program.

yoga green pants

You won’t be asked to do a full yoga class without first knowing how to do the poses and how to accommodate them for your body type and fitness level.

The Yoga for Complete Beginners program is different from anything you’ve experienced.

If you are completely new to yoga, fear going to a live class, yet still want to experience the positive effects it will have on your life, you’re going to fall in love with my approach!


45 Step-By-Step Yoga Pose Videos

Goal: Learn, step-by step, all of the ins and outs of each yoga pose to suit your body type and fitness style. We’ll be using props and modifications to suite every body.

Graphic2 Feel bold and fearless when you finally know how to make a yoga pose work for YOU.

Graphic2 Learn to touch your toes… yes YOU!

Graphic2 Perform balancing poses without falling on your face.

Graphic2 Avoid pain in your body by making the correct modifications and customizing the pose to suit your needs.

10 Yoga Classes

Goal: Put what you’ve learned into practice. Practice makes perfect and this is where you get to prove to yourself that you can do it.

Graphic2 6 mini classes will allow you to quickly practice what you’ve learned in a mini class format along the way.

Graphic2 3 master classes to really give you that true yoga class experience. You’ll get one master class per week, only incorporating what you’ve learned in that week.

Graphic2 Remember those practice tests teachers use to give you before an exam? These are your practice classes before you venture out into the real world of yoga. I’ve got you covered!

Graphic2 You will be a fearless yogi once you have all these classes under your belt.

6 Specialty Workshops

Goal: Yoga postures are only one part of yoga. To be a confident yogi, I want to make sure that you are a well-rounded beginner who knows what they're talking about. I want you to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Graphic2 3 breathing technique workshops: Breathe better and easier in class. These workshops will also help in all aspects of life, allowing you to balance negative moods and increase your energy levels.

Graphic2 Yoga philosophy basics workshop: Feel educated when talking to other yogis. Learn basic yoga history, how it can fit in your lifestyle, the 8 steps of yoga (poses are only one part), and other yoga philosophy tidbits.

Graphic2 Meditation basics workshop: Learn about meditation, what it is, and how it can positively benefit your life. You also get 5 guided meditations ranging from 3 to 20 minutes in length.

Graphic2 Yoga Safety Basics workshop: Learn the 7 principles of alignment that will allow you to stay safe during any yoga practice.

Here's What Will Happen From Start to Finish

Week 1

Welcome video “How to navigate this program” tutorial

Learn 15 new poses

2 mini yoga classes

1 master class

21-day course breakdown printout

21-day daily tracking sheet and journal to
keep you motivated and on track

Yoga Philosophy Basics workshop

Breathing Basics Part 1 workshop

Yoga Safety Basics workshop

Week 2

Learn 15 new yoga poses

2 mini yoga classes

1 master class

Breathing Basics Part II workshop

Meditation Basics workshop

Week 3

Learn 15 new yoga poses

2 mini yoga classes

1 master class

Breathing Basics Part III workshop

Sun Salutations yoga tutorial

You get access to the entire Yoga for Complete Beginners program at once.

The entire course is available in one place.

To make sure that you have an amazing experience using the Yoga for Complete Beginners program, you'll also get:

3 Weeks of extra email tips and guidance from me, Kay

I believe in you and want to make sure that you have the best experience you can possibly have.

I'm going to deliver extra tips, tricks, and hold your hand while you become a confident yogi.

Sending encouraging email a few times a week is my favorite way of keeping in touch and making sure you LOVE using the Yoga for Complete Beginners program.

Expect to get a few emails from me each week for 3 weeks from the day you purchase your course. (These only get sent once, so make sure to save them for future reference if needed.)

Online Social & Peer Community Support Network

I'm so excited to have a community for you to be a part of and get support as you grow into a confident yogi. I’m not gonna lie… there will be days that you won’t want to “get with the program” or perhaps you still aren’t clear on things or want to see how everyone else is modifying poses for their unique situations. Or maybe you’re the type of person that love to be social and meet new like-minded peeps.

I’ve got you covered!

You’ll have access to a main Yoga for Complete Beginners community page to get your yoga chat on. You also get access to a community commenting section for each individual page available to you in the program. Want to check in with other peers that are doing their very first master class? You can do that right under the Master Class #1 video.

Add “friends”, tag friends, and even send private messages. It’s like Facebook for yoga newbies, only better.

I will be popping into this community a couple of times per week to personally respond to comments and questions. I’ve got your back.

A yoga pose breakdown ebook

Want to practice your poses but don’t feel like hopping online every time to watch the video or read about the pose? This 45 page printable ebook gives you:

  • a picture of each pose
  • step-by-step breakdown of how to do the pose
  • what body parts each pose stretches and strengthens
  • common misalignments
  • how to modify the pose and what props to use

21-Day yoga journal & tracking diary

  • Stay on track and be accountable by writing it down
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Check things off as you go

21-Day course guide

  • Move through the program stress free. I’ll let you know what to do and when to do it. Easy as pie!

Enjoy this program anytime, anywhere, on your own schedule. You’re the boss!

Can’t commit to the 21-day suggested course guide? I completely understand. We all lead super busy lives these days. No worries. Since the program is yours to keep for a lifetime and you can also download everything, you can practice when and where you want, and with or without internet access.

Going to a local yoga class can end up taking over 2 hours of your time by the time you get there, practice, and get back home, and that’s without hiccups. With the Yoga for Complete beginners program you get it done in less than 30 minutes on most days. 30 minutes still too long? No problem. Just take it at your own unique pace.

Forget about $15 yoga classes, $60/hr private lessons, or $100/mth yoga studio memberships. This is a one time investment and yours to keep for life!

Yup! You read that right. Yoga classes will range from $12 to $18 a pop, private lessons start at about $60/hour and up, and memberships to yoga studios with well qualified and certified instructors start at about $100/mth. No joke!

Access this course for a one-time purchase or the BEST DEAL...

our entire Premium Membership that includes the entire course and class library.

Throw those yogi stereotypes out the door! This program is made for you!

I have a secret for you. I’m not your “typical yogi” either.

Pop culture media portrays yogis as superskinny, highly flexible, tree hugging, kombucha & green juice drinking, vegan, spiritual, “perfect” models. Let’s be honest with ourselves… that’s a fantasy for most and pure BS to realistically portray your everyday yogi this way. (there’s nothing wrong if you are authentically this way of course)

Yoga calls us to be our true unique selves, even if that means you’re a heavier set, hamburger eating machine that drinks coffee out of a disposable cup.

No worries. You’ll fit in just fine!

Want to be a confident yogi?

You’re going to love the Yoga for Complete Beginners program

You are a “good fit” for this program if you:

checkbox small Are a complete yoga newbie

checkbox small Want increased self-confidence

checkbox small Don’t have time to run to a studio

checkbox small Want step-by-step instruction

checkbox small Want more energy

checkbox small Dream of increased wellbeing

checkbox small Desire that “I’ve got this!” feeling

checkbox small Long to wake up pain free

sitting yoga

Imagine... 3 weeks from now, you could be:

✔ Attending a yoga class without fear of embarassment

✔ Feeling like you have so much more energy and getting through the dreaded 2pm crash without a hitch.

✔ Saying “Yes!” to your friends about meeting up at Wednesday’s lunch time yoga workshop

✔ Waking up feeling spry and with a jump in your step

✔ Experiencing more patience and joy being around kids, your partner, friends, and co-workers.

✔ Walking about with a new “Joie de vivre!” (french for “joy for life”)

✔ Feeling physically fit

And more, OF COURSE!

Hi, I'm Kay Pitre - master trainer and owner at My Yoga Playground!"

I started the Yoga for Complete Beginners program because I’m a true believer that yoga should exist in everyone’s life and be accessible to all.

I’m the owner and master trainer at My Yoga Playground. And, not to worry, I’m certified as a 200-Hr Yoga Alliance instructor, have a long list of specialized yoga teacher trainings under my belt, and continually upgrade myself to better serve my students.

As an added perk, and with your health in mind, I’m a certified holistic health coach.

Confession time! I HATED the first yoga class I ever went to!!! So much so, that I never went to another one for 10 whole years!

I don’t want this to happen to you, which is exactly why I’ve built this one-of-a-kind experience for true beginners.

Get Yoga for Complete Beginners Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the program? I don’t always have internet access.

How much time will it take me to finish the course?

Does the program get shipped to me or is it all online?

When do I get to start the course?

Can I download the program? I don’t always have internet access.

How is this different from the other beginner programs out there?

How much space do I need to practice? I have a small home/apartment.

Is there any equipment that I need to purchase before starting?