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Vinyasa Yoga Flow – Slow and Easy
Don’t let the title of this vinyasa flow class fool you! It's slow & easy, but holding poses for at least 10 deep breaths will challenge you. Practice now!
Yoga with Weights Warrior Series
Try this yoga for abs class now! Countless crunches are not the only answer to firm abs! Yoga as a whole strengthens your core and abs. Practice now!
Yoga for Abs
Try this yoga for abs class now! Countless crunches are not the only answer to firm abs! Yoga as a whole strengthens your core and abs. Practice now!
Energizing Yoga Flow
Build strength, stamina, and flexibility, all in one yoga flow workout! This class is designed to adapt your fitness and yoga level. Practice now!
Power Yoga to Strengthen Your Life
Build strength and power with this power yoga class. Be strong on the inside and out as you flow through this full length practice with Kay. Practice now!
Yoga for Runners Quad Stretch Routine
If you sit at a desk all day or are an avid fitness buff, you likely have tight quads. A good yoga for runners quad stretch routine is a good habit to have. Practice now.
Dynamic Yoga Warm Up
You should always warm up your body before a yoga workout or any fitness routine. This dynamic yoga warm up will do the trick . Warm up now!
Warrior of Life Yoga Class
Need a reminder of how strong you are? This yoga class with a warrior sequence routine will get you there. Be a warrior in your own life. Practice now.
Yoga for Hips
Tight hips from sitting all day or too much physical activity like running? This yoga for hips routine will loosen those hips up in no time. Practice now!
Yoga Twists Class
Feel fresh and revived once Kay gets you to twist things out in this fun yoga twists class! This class is a good mix of strength and stretch with lots of twists and turns.
Morning Yoga Flow
Get your morning started off on the right foot with this morning yoga class! Start off slow and gradually energize yourself up for the day!
Beginner’s Mind Beginner Yoga Class
Whether you are a beginner at yoga or not, this gentle flowing class will give you what you need. Start practicing now and feel better!
Power Your Day With This Power Yoga Class
Energize any part of your day with this flowing and energy boosting power yoga class. Go at your own pace or take it up a notch and test your boundaries!
Exploring Sensations in the Body
In this class, Kay will guide you through a flowing sequence while asking you to bring your attention to the sensations in the body.
Ab and Core Stability
Having a strong core centre is so important to our wellbeing! Having strong abs can help relieve back pain and improve our posture. Try this class now!
Shoulder and Chest Stretch
Whether you sit at a desk all day or are a fitness/sport nerd doing movements that tighten the chest and shoulders, this class is for you.
Morning Yoga Routine
Getting going and energized this morning! This 30 minute class is all done on the floor (no standing) and slowly takes you from slumber to vigor in no time.
Yoga for Weight Loss
Weight loss comes with a combination of fitness and good nutrition. In this yoga for weight loss workout we combine a faster paced class for cardio and include small weights to build strength. Both of these things are important when in comes to weight loss. Expect to sweat, so grab your water bottle and get started now.
Props Needed for Restorative Yoga
In a restorative yoga practice, you are supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Watch this video and read the article to find out what props are best!
Workout Routine & Wellness Plan (Aug 7-13)
Stay accountable and get the FREE workout & wellness plan. Discover why 10,000 steps a day is recommended and what to do if you get bore of the same fitness routine day in and day out.