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The Busy Girl’s Diet Secret

Let’s be honest here, my days are full! I’m a busy girl! I don’t like using the word “busy” very often since I find it’s over glorified in many cases. That said, because my days are filled with work, family, friends, and all sorts of other great things, I hardly have time to eat right… if I’m not prepared.So what’s my secret?I have two of them and they’re pretty simple. I:meal plan as often as I can and I eat leftoverslet go of the idea of a perfect dietLet’s look at each one.Meal PlanningYou might think that meal planning...

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Chapped Lips Be Gone! 5 Tips For Soft Juicy Lips

Chapped lips! They’re my nemesis. Well… at least one of them.

It seems every change of season, my lips and face like to play tricks on me.

Cracked lips are not very appealing, and worst yet, not very comfortable on our faces!

And what feels better? A soft juicy kiss or one that hits you with crackly scratchy flaky pieces?

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5 Easy Self-Confidence Boosters

Self-confidence wasn’t always the picture of who I am. I was the little girl that hid behind her mother’s dress. I was the teenager (and young adult) that walked around with her head down instead of proudly looking forward. I was the woman that constantly thought she had a big ass, because I got teased when I was in middle school for having “curves”. Yep… I was that girl/woman.

Note the word WAS…

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