I have to say that I was always one that absolutely needed something to look forward to. That something would have to be either the weekend, an event, party, or obviously– a vacation.

Do you know what I was doing?

I was wishing my life away.

Don’t get me wrong– It’s definitely awesome to have something to look forward to! For me, it became a constant thought of, ” I can’t wait until…”. No good.

So, how did I overcome this? How could I really learn to love each day and be grateful for every breath that I take?

Meditation and of course, yoga!

These tools are apart of my daily self-care practice. Daily self-care is so crucial. Without it, you are living life, day by day. Just rolling through the motions.

I'm truly living my life

Self-care has opened my eyes to living in the now. You see, previously, I had not been taking care of myself. Not only that, but I wasn’t allowing myself to do things that I loved, on a daily basis.

So many women often tell me that they don’t have the time. There is not enough hours in a day to prepare meals, laundry, work a full-time job, and get ready for the next.

My answer is always the same. Everyone has the same 24 hours. If you truly love yourself, you will make time for yourself.

Perhaps, keeping a daily task journal will help? Each day, write everything down you need to get done. Then figure how you can fit in at least one thing that you love to do.

Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised. Please, take care of yourself, lovely. You deserve it.

Happiness, Audra