Transcript of Video

Note: The following text is not meant to be grammatically correct. These are my speaking notes from the video above.

This video is repurposed from a Periscope session that I did. It may appear like I’m talking to myself at times, but during Periscope sessions people are texting messages on the screen, however, they don’t show up when I download the video for reuse. Any promotions mentioned in this video are in effect until May 24, 2016.

Alright… so today we are still sticking to the truthfulness yama and how it has helped change my life.

Showing your true colours can often have a negative connotation. Like…. “oooooo…. he/she’s really showing her true colours now!” or “oh ya… now we really know what so and so is really like. Mr/Mrs nice guy isn’t’ so nice after all are they!” It’s true isn’t it? We’ve all said it.

But what if we looked at it the other way around. What if showing our true colours meant uncovering our truth and showing it and sharing it with the word like it was nobody’s business?

What if we stopped hiding under all those layers of lies and slowly but surely let the world see us for the real us.

Not the small “me”, the ego, but the big “ME”, my or your true self at the core centre.

We all have it, that beauty, that truth. Some of us have it hidden so deep that we think that it’s lost forever or we have no idea what our truth really is. But you know what??? The only way we begin learning what it is, is by looking on the inside.

And sometimes the inside is scary as hell and full of hurt, but there’s a saying that says “you have to go through to get through”

You have to get covered in compost before the flowers emerge.

So what are my true colours? Well… red is my favourite colour, so let that paint the picture for ya. I’m an introvert with borderline extrovert qualities. I gather my energy at home, but I love to teach, speak, learn, and help people grow in their lives. I love to laugh, I love to dance, and I have a super quirky sense of humour.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to inspire people.

I remember about 20 years ago, in a relationship I was in, I felt comfortable enough to share with that person that my dream was to inspire people. That I wanted to be a motivational speaker. I’m not sure if they laughed, but I remember their reaction coursing through my veins and hurting me to the bone.

They thought it was a crazy idea and how could anyone make a living doing such a thing? I was crushed. Even then I knew it in my bones what I wanted and who I was, but I wasn’t confident or strong enough in my truth to own it.

I let other people’s idea of the truth and what they thought my truth should be to affect how I lived and what I did with my life.

No more! just as an example… about a year and a half ago, I organized a local event and called it “an afternoon of health and wellness”. Not only did I fill that room with 100+ women, but they all paid $20 each to come listen to ME talk and inspire them to live their best life life!!!

In the past year, not a week goes by that a person doesn’t tell me that I inspire them to live a better life and to be a better person. I don’t say this to brag, but to show that when I live my own truth, my ability to inspire others shines through.

Negativity breeds more negativity, but living your truth inspires others to live their truth and let their own colours shine through.

So that’s a few examples of how yoga has let me live my truth by letting my true colours shine through. Do you have a hard time letting your true colours shine? Or give me some examples as to how you have let those colours shine through. Let’s have a discussion.