Yoga for Weight Loss


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A 21-day yoga and healthy eating program for weight loss, increased energy, and reduced stress.

  • Boot camp types classes can stress the body out more than they should?
  • Increased stress of any kind, increasesthe primary stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Increased cortisol increases weight gainand the ability to lose weight. Yikes!
  • A fitness style of yoga reduces stress,and provides the much needed strengthand cardio elements needed to lose weight.

Add in a healthy eating regimen and JACKPOT!!!

Join me in this 21 day program and experience amazing benefits!
Enjoy a fitness style of yoga, healthy real food that is simple and easy, and perhaps some fun guided meditations.
All of this will have a positive impact on your weight, wellbeing, and overall happiness factor.
This is a whole foods regimen. No powders, shakes, supplements, etc. will be required.

  • 5 days of yoga fitness a week for 3 weeks (25-60 minute classes)
  • Classes are all online in a streaming video format. Pick whatever time of day that suits you best to exercise.
  • 3 weekly meal plans with recipes, meal prep suggestions, and shopping lists.
  • Plans include breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks.
  • Classes are all online in a streaming video format. Pick whatever time of day that suits you best to exercise.
  • Meal plans are created by two certified holistic health coaches, me (Kay Pitre) and Pam MacDonald.
  • Meal Plan Options will be provided:
    Regular unrestricted healthy meal plan
    Vegetarian and gluten-free recipes are also provided


  • A private peer support group with my personal support.
  • A daily journal to keep track of exercise, food, and to jot down your thoughts and feelings.
  • Lifetime access to the program and access to any future updates that are made to the program.
  • Ability to download all videos and documents to save on the device of your choice.


    • A yoga mat
    • 1-2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap (these are used to modify poses when needed)
    • 2 hand weights (up to 5 lbs. You could easily use two soup cans. Whatever works)
    • An open mind
    • Commitment to follow-through
    • Comfy clothing (nothing fancy)

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