I’m a holistic health coach. With this title, comes a whole pile of pre-conceived notions of what a holistic health coach actually is and does. Because I’m not your stereotypical health coach and yogi, I often get questions and comments like:

“You eat bread?”

“I can’t believe you eat take out food!”

“You eat dessert (or insert name of less healthy food here)?”

“You eat meat? I thought yogis were all vegetarians!”

You name it, it’s been said to me, and I’m okay with that.

You see, people come in all shapes and sizes. We’re all the same yet different. This means that not one diet is a one-size-fits-all solution.

Personally, I believe in allowing myself to eat just about anything in moderation.

Yes… I eat dessert, bread, take-out food, chocolate bars, meat, and even chips!!! The horrors!

No… I don’t eat all of them every day and my eating habit are a far cry from what they were even 5 years ago.

Add to this the fact that I love to bake. Seriously… this is one of life’s pleasures that I don’t care to give up on.

I don’t even let the words “allow”, “cheat”, or “guilt” to come into my vocabulary when it comes to food.

Those words bring on stress, and stress, believe it or not, inhibits our ability to lose weight by increasing our cortisol levels.


The trick is to not strictly eat these “bad” foods.

The solution is to crowd out these foods and only leave a small amount of space in your diet for these them to fit in.

In my health coach training, we coined this technique as crowding out.

The more good food you bring into your life, the less room there is for the not-so-healthy options.

Lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes, and healthy liquids are at the forefront. If you’re a meat eater, add in a reasonable portion of meat, typically the size and thickness of your palm (no fingers) per day. Eat organic if you can, but if you can’t, don’t sweat it! An un-organic apple is better than chowing down a bag of chips.

Stop listening to all the pop culture dos and don’ts of what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Did it come from the earth, a plant, or an animal (if you eat meat)? Then eat it. Did it come from a factory? Then highly consider limiting your consumption of these products.

Here are 5 tips to make your eating life easier:

  1. Crowd out the “bad”. Eat more good stuff.
  2. Let go of words like “guilty pleasure”, “guilt”, “cheat day”, “allow”, etc.
  3. Let go of stress associated with food. Stress is a killer and actually keeps you from losing weight.
  4. Stop getting sucked in by all the pop culture dos and don’ts of what to eat or not eat.
  5. Keep it simple. The easier it is, the higher chance you’ll succeed.