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6 Morning Habits to Change Your Life

Habit and Repetition are the Keys to Success. When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

Not too long ago I left my full-time public servant job to pursue my passion full time. It didn’t take long before I realized that I needed concentrated focus, a solid plan, and some kick-ass habits to make this work. I was spinning my wheels, going nowhere fast, and my focus was on about 3-5 different projects at once. It was a recipe for short-term disaster.

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8 Yoga Lies Exposed

Excuses to not do yoga are some of the most creative I’ve ever heard.

I’m too clumsy. I’m too stiff. I’m too busy. I’m overweight. I’m too scared. I’m not “that” kind of person. I’m too (fill in the blank). People tend to have a good case of the “I’m too”s when it comes to yoga.

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Why Yoga Is For You

I think I’ve heard every reason in the book as to why yoga is not for someone. I’m too old, I’m too stiff, I’m not in shape, I’m not spiritual, I’m too energetic, I can’t shut off my mind, and so on. I could go on for an hour I’m sure of it. I was there once too.

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What Is Yoga?

Now there’s a loaded question if I’ve ever seen one! Before I get started on this post, I want to remind you that this is my interpretation of what yoga is, my experience with it, and how it has changed my life.

There are so many styles, interpretations, and ways that people achieve the goal of yoga, and I’m not here to judge any of them. Everyone’s yoga journey is different. This is mine. 🙂

The yoga of today can be a far cry from the yoga that originated in India thousands of years ago and in my opinion, that’s okay! When we look at the media, yoga is portrayed mostly as a fitness modality these days, but in reality, it can be so much more.

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