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Share your knowledge and reach millions of students across the globe.

Earn Extra Income

Once your course is live on My Yoga Playground, students will be able to discover and purchase it. You’ll earn cash in your pocket every time a student purchases your course.

inspire people

Help students live their best lives yet by teaching them what you’re passionate about and skilled at.

get support

Take advantage of my help and support to help you through your course creation process.


If you are an expert in your field in the wellness industry, and have a course in mind that you want to share with the world, I want to hear about it!

Yoga teachers, fitness instructors, health coaches, nutrition experts, massage therapists, reiki, meditation experts, and the list goes on.

Not sure if you’re a good fit? Pitch your idea and you’ll find out!

1. Decide on a Subject

Share Your Expertise

Teach what you’re great at and love! You can create a course on almost anything related to the wellness industry.

The whole world is waiting to learn what you have to share and I’m here to help you make it happen.

Class Formats

With my help, we’ll decide what format is best. Video with supporting materials is best, but this can vary depending on  your content. We will use what makes the most sense for your topic and content.

2. Create Your Course

Time to Get Started

You should have a pretty good idea of what you want to teach, what your course will look like, a course outline, etc.
What will be the specific content? Over how many days will be? How many hours of video? What about supporting documents or quizzes?

Get support along the way

We will work together through the creation process. If you live locally, I can even assist with recording video, etc in my studio. Let’s work together to make your course the best that it can be so that everyone can benefit… the student, you, and My Yoga Playground.

3. Share & Profit

Start Sharing with Students

Once your course is live on My Yoga Playground, start sharing it with friends, family, and your followers using the special link we will give you.

Start Profiting from Sales

Our payout model is fairly simple. There are 3 ways your courses can sell: through your special link, organically, or through another seller’s link. Your payout will never be less than 40% (canadian $) and can go as high as 75% depending on how the student purchased.  Sale prices are determined between you and MYP.

Submit Your Idea

Not all ideas and submissions are accepted. Every submission is reviewed and I will respond within 2 business weeks.

Course Idea Submssion

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