Hey all and welcome to the first of many workout routines and wellness plans to get your body and mind on track! In these weekly posts, I'll share with you what you can do throughout the week to stay on track.

In these workout routines and wellness plans, you'll get a good feel of how I approach my own health & wellness. I believe in having fun, staying healthy in body & mind so that I can keep having fun until the day I leave this earth, and in keeping it as simple as possible.

Keeping fit doesn't mean that you have to follow a strict regimen of doing the same thing day in and day out. Keep things interesting. Go for a hike, play soccer or have races with your kids in the yard, go swimming, biking, or try a new sport.

For example, yesterday, I went to TreeGo in Moncton (a nearby city), and faced my fear of heights head on while taking part in this crazy adventure of climbing trees, zip lining, navigating obstacles while being really far up in the air, all while being harnessed in of course.

Today, I have to admit that I'm hurting in places I didn't expect to; my abs especially. ​I'll be doing a special post this week, on this adventure alone. This picture (above) is me on the very first zip line. I don't regret doing this even one bit and I got to connect with a group of amazing women at the same time. 

I hope that you can gain some inspiration from these weekly posts and add some of the suggestions into your own daily life. Do what works for you, push some limits, try new things, and most of all, have fun with it.

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This Week's Workout Plan & Wellness Routine

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Aim for at least 10,000 steps a day. I love my FitBit Charge 2 to track this and it totally helps keep me on track. I also love to use the Endomondo app on my phone to track my bike rides, walks, etc. I have it linked to my FitBit and it's a perfect fit for me.

Move for at the very minimum, 30 minutes in your day. This is conscious physical activity moment. Take the stairs at work, run in place, dance, or do whatever it takes to up  your game.




  • Meditation. Join me in today's live 2 minute meditation or catch the replay in Live Replays section when you have 5 minutes to just breathe.



  • Yoga (15 min class like this one if you're doing other things​. 30+ min class like this one if this is your only workout of the day)
  • Do something fun, adventurous, out of your comfort zone, or simply new to you. Catch me live Tuesday as I'm out doing something fun and active. The weather forecast looks like it will be good for any of my favourites (biking, hiking, or paddleboarding). I haven't quite decided yet which one I'll do yet.


  • Take care of your relationships with friends. Give a friend a call today and make a date to go out for coffee or even better, a walk and talk session! These are the best for me! It covers fitness, friendship, and connecting with nature all in one shot. I have to admit, I sometimes bring the coffee on the walk! 



  • Make yoga your main workout today. Find a class that's 30-60 minutes long and sweat it out. That's my plan. I'll actually be broadcasting my own personal practice live today, so make sure to tune in. 


  • There's so much more to wellness than fitness and meditation. In fact, there's a whole "wheel of life" that I like to focus on. For today, why not focus on your home environment. Take 15 minutes and purge the contents of a drawer, closet, cupboard, etc. Lighten the physical contents load and in time you might also start to feel lighter on the mental side of things.



  • Work on strengthening your core center today. Your abs, being a big part of that center. Try out this yoga for abs workout to get you started. 


  • Cook up something healthy and homemade! Make time for it so that you don't feel rushed. Prep the night before if you have to. It doesn't have to be complicated or gourmet, just healthy. Today (Thursday), I'll be launching my very first "Cook with Kay" cooking show live online (all the links are above). Make sure to tune in. I'll also have the recipe for you to print out. 



  • Tired from your week? Try this energizing yoga flow to start off your day or give you a boost for the weekend once you get off work. In a bit of a rush? Throw on your favourite tunes and dance in place for 5 minutes to get your blood pumping.


  • It's Friday! Wind down, relax, do something that you truly love. Perhaps treat yourself to your favourite snack or dessert today. Yum!



  • Get outside today and do something active! Rain or shine, I'm going for a hike today. The Island I live on has a myriad of trails to choose from. I think I'll try a new one today. Follow me on Instagram. I'll be posting a pic when I'm there.


  • Enjoy nature. Today's workout should help make that happen. Even if you live in the big city, most cities offer green spaces to enjoy. Nature is proven to help with your overall state of wellbeing. 



  • It's good to have one rest day a week, especially if you've been going all out with your workouts. It's still okay to enjoy a gentle yoga stretch, or go for an easy walk though. Don't feel obligated to be a couch potato, but don't feel guilty if you choose to do that.


  • Sunday is a perfect day to plan and prep your meals for the week. Typically, I'll plan my meals and do groceries on one day and then do any needed meal prep the next. 

Have an amazing week, do your best, and don't forget to have fun!